Training Weekends

Spread over three long-weekends in the year, the course provides in-depth teaching in apologetics and the spiritual disciplines. Our aim is to equip each participant to be a dynamic witness in whatever context God has placed them in, by helping them to grapple with the heartfelt questions and intellectual challenges of apologetics, as well as to grow significantly in spiritual life and character.

The training is structured to allow for a lot of interaction with speakers and opportunities to ask questions. Past courses have also proved to be times of forging meaningful and lasting friendships with like-minded Christians.

Course Content Includes

Phase 1

Conversational Apologetics
Spiritual Disciplines
Logical Fallacies
The Cross 

Phase 2

New Atheism
The Problem of Pain
The Origin of the Universe  

Phase 3 

Eastern Spirituality
Ethics and Judgment
The reliability of the Bible

Speakers for the course include Michael Ramsden, Amy Orr-Ewing, John Lennox, Tanya Walker, Tom Price, Michelle Tepper, Vince Vitale, Sharon Dirckx, and Christian Hofreiter.

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