Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards is an Apologist for RZIM and Assistant Chaplain of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics. He holds separate degrees in law, economics and education from the University of Queensland, Australia. He also recently completed post-graduate studies in theology at the University of Oxford. Simon brings with him a diverse experience of Christian ministry, legal, government and teaching experience. Prior to joining RZIM, Simon lived and worked in Australia as a lawyer, specializing in private practice in commercial law and in government practice in constitutional law. He also worked for two years in a secondary school as a religious education teacher. Simon is a gifted communicator, speaking regularly at evangelistic and apologetic training events in universities, schools, churches and workplaces both in the UK and abroad. He has also been invited to speak on a number of BBC Radio programs regarding the evidence for the Christian faith, particularly from his perspective as a lawyer.Simon’s areas of interest include evidence for the resurrection, historicity of the Bible, faith and reason, epistemology, tolerance, the nature of truth, suffering, miracles, ethics.Together with his wife Natasha he is part of the team at Latimer Minster, a missional Church of England church situated between London and Oxford. Simon and Natasha live in Beaconsfield with their two young children, Grace and Jonathan.

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