The OCCA Programme for Master’s Students is designed to stretch students not only intellectually, by grappling with key questions relating to culture and the Christian faith, but also personally, through practical training in spiritual formation, evangelism, communication skills and pioneering leadership. The interactive teaching provides on-going opportunities for students to bring insights from their other area of study and to apply them in creative and pioneering evangelism within a variety of settings. The students also benefit from a dynamic and wide-ranging curriculum that features regular tuition from acclaimed lecturers like Prof John Lennox, Michael Ramsden and Dr Amy Orr-Ewing, as well as input from a diverse range of visiting specialists, including Ravi Zacharias and Dr. Os Guinness. 

Students based in Oxford who successfully apply to some master’s degrees can also apply to study apologetics on the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students. The programme aids pursuit of excellence in academic study and practical evangelism through additional support and training. Students taking this programme have full access to the extensive resources of the OCCA one year programme while being able individually to adapt their OCCA involvement around the commitments of their Master’s course across the space of two years.

The curriculum, which has been designed to be done around certain types of master’s courses,* provides a holistic form of training that combines theoretical and practical teaching.  The former includes lectures on Apologetics, Biblical Studies, Theology, Missiology, Analytical and Continental Philosophy, Ancient History, the Historical Jesus, Science and Religion, Worldviews, Other Religions and Culture, Society and The Arts. The practical side of the course includes intensive personalised mentorship within weekly small groups, workshops/interactive seminars, and instruction on discipleship, mission, evangelism, communication, leadership and spiritual formation.

Students receive regular opportunities to speak at evangelistic events and they also take part in multiple town and university events weeks across the academic year. There are also opportunities to travel and speak alongside OCCA team members, whilst also receiving on-going mentoring and feedback, as part of their overall training and development.

Students coming to the OCCA can expect to be deeply challenged both intellectually and personally.  They will receive training in evangelism and apologetics and explore life calling to enable them to have a deep and lasting impact within their spheres of influence. The cohort of students is deliberately limited in number each year, in order to ensure close and consistent interaction with tutors and lecturers throughout the course. The OCCA also offers the opportunity to gain experience and insight from learning from within a vibrant and interactive community representing many nationalities and contexts, but united by a love for Jesus and a heart to truly live out the Gospel.

*Those on the OCCA Programme for master’s students are required to be in attendance on specific days of the week.   This will/ may not be possible for some degrees. Applications will be reviewed on a case by case basis.



Applicants to the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students must be evangelistically minded and see serious implications in their prospective studies for apologetic/evangelistic issues. They must be reflective about how their Christian beliefs and practise interact with the methods and issues present in their chosen field.

Applicants will need to complete two applications – one to a relevant master’s degree and one for OCCA Programme for Master’s Students. These two admission processes are independent of one another. A prerequisite of acceptance to the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students is acceptance on to a relevant Master’s degree.

  • Applications to OCCA for the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students can be made by clicking ‘Apply Online’ at the top right of this page and then selecting ‘OCCA Programme’ in the drop-down menu. (You will be asked to register an account with a valid email address to make an application). During the online application, when asked “Are you a Master’s Course candidate?” select “yes” and state which Master’s. 

We welcome applications for the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students while you are awaiting the results of your application to your chosen Master’s degree. Please note, however, that OCCA Programme for Master’s Students applications will only be fully reviewed once a candidate is offered a place on their chosen Master’s degree. 

Applicants who are accepted on to the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students will be able to take the programme for a full academic year. At the end of that year, students who are enrolled on a Master’s Course that lasts more than one academic year ) are welcome to apply for an additional year on the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students.

Also welcome are applicants who are already undertaking the first year of a two-year Master’s course. These applicants may apply to take the OCCA Programme for Master’s Students alongside the second year of their Master’s Course.

Further information?

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