John Lennox at National Prayer Breakfast

28 Jun 2013

Dr John Lennox addressed over 600 people at the Bible Society-sponsored National Prayer Breakfast, at the Houses of Parliament on 25th June. Watch his address here: John Lennox National Prayer Breakfast Click here to download the video Click here to download the audio       © Ruth McGarahan for RZIM Europe, 2013. | Permalink [...] Read article

What makes Christianity different from other religions?

18 Jun 2013

Why should we believe in Christianity when there are so many other competing religions around? Isn’t it just an ethical code like many other faiths? At a question and answer session for the Veritas Forum John Lennox explains why Christianity does not compete with other faiths, because it offers believers something totally different. © for [...] Read article

Overcoming life’s challenges

11 Jun 2013

How do we overcome the many challenges that we face in life? In a talk to a women’s group at HTB in February 2013 Amy Orr-Ewing addresses this topic and confirms that although we face many different problems, we have to live in step with our creator who has already had the victory. © for [...] Read article

Compulsion in religion and the freedom to disbelieve

11 Jun 2013

What do we make of the use of compulsion to believe in certain countries and is society in the west qualitatively different because of its Christian heritage? In a question and answer session Ravi Zacharias addresses these concepts and highlights that the differences we see in different cultures are a result of the ideas that [...] Read article

Why Christianity and not one of the many other religions?

08 Jun 2013

Why should we believe in Christianity when there are so many competing religions, which also claim to be true? In a question and answer session Ravi Zacharias explains that we should weigh up all religions according to what they say about origin, meaning, morality and destiny. John Njoroge also points out that all religions boil [...] Read article

Answering Tough Questions

04 Jun 2013

How do you respond to tough questions about your faith? Speaking at an event for the C. S. Lewis Institute Michael Ramsden  shares his views on how we should approach evangelism in light of the objections that people make about what we believe in. © for RZIM Europe, 2013. | Permalink | Add to [...] Read article

Pulse Magazine – Issue 14

30 May 2013

Open publication - Free publishing - More apologetics   Not able to view magazine using Adobe Flash? Oh dear! Not a problem though, download a PDF version for viewing at your leisure.   © for RZIM Europe, 2013. | Permalink | Add to Post tags: pdf, PDF download, Pulse, pulse issue 14 We hope you're [...] Read article

Politics and religion: where should the two intersect?

25 May 2013

In some nations there is an official separation between religion and politics, whilst in others the two are inextricably link. What place should religion have when it comes to legislation? Should we support a theocracy or should we be framing our culture according to a particular worldview or religion? Ravi Zacharias suggests that we should [...] Read article

Indifferent? Where is God When I Suffer?

21 May 2013

How can we trust in a loving God when we see so much suffering in the world around us or if we experience it ourselves? At OICCU’s main event in 2013 Vince Vitale tackles this very topic, as part of their ‘Born Loved’ week. The audio includes a one-minute introduction to Vince Vitale and the [...] Read article

Postmodernism: Is it a new idea?

18 May 2013

Is postmodernism a new idea or are there parallels with what we read in the hellenistic period? What about the meaning of words? Are there any absolutes? In a question and answer session Ravi Zacharias reaffirms that these issues are not new, but that in scripture meaning and value is derived from God.   © [...] Read article

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