How do I defend the Bible?

10 Sep 2013

If you meet an honest sceptic how can you defend the authority of the Bible to them? In a question and answer session, Ravi Zacharias provides an approach for entering into conversation with those who don’t accord the Bible any particular significance. He also stresses that we should not neglect the existential struggles that people [...] Read article

Why does the church fail to live up to its own standards?

06 Sep 2013

If we believe in a life-transforming gospel then why does the church often seem to fail to live up to its own standards? What about all of the hateful things that are done in the name of Christianity? In this question and answer session, Michael Ramsden and Ravi Zacharias deal with the thorny question of [...] Read article

“How does God judge those who do not have the capacity to understand?” (and other difficult questions)

03 Sep 2013

If someone doesn’t have the mental capacity to believe in God (through birth or because of an accident or illness), how does God judge them? In his final talk for Gordon College, Michael Ramsden deals with the top questions that were raised by students during his visit. Many of them relate to the concept of [...] Read article

How do we communicate to atheists about God?

30 Aug 2013

It’s all very well saying how unique our faith is, but how do we communicate our beliefs to those who don’t even accept God’s existence? In a question and answer session, Ravi Zacharias sums up what topics he brings into conversation when confronted by those who have no concept of the transcendent. He suggests that [...] Read article

The Christian Mind and Why It Matters

02 Aug 2013

Have you heard it said that Christianity is about having faith and that we should not ask too many difficult questions? In this sermon, given in Hyderabad, Andy Bannister explains more about what it means to love God with all our heart, MIND and soul. He explains why Christianity is not antithetical to reason and [...] Read article

What role does apologetics play in strengthening believers?

30 Jul 2013

We hear people say that apologetics is used in evangelism, but what role does it play in strengthening believers, particularly in times of hardship or when God seems silent? Stuart McAllister and Ravi Zacharias respond to this question, which leads them to stress that we should not under-estimate the personal side of apologetics, either in [...] Read article

How to engage with today’s toughest questions

27 Jul 2013

How should we approach the tough questions that people ask us about Christianity? What is apologetics and how does it help us respond to others? In a talk given to alpha Scotland in 2013, Amy Orr-Ewing explains more about how we can communicate the gospel message to others more effectively. © for RZIM Europe, 2013. [...] Read article

John Lennox at National Prayer Breakfast

28 Jun 2013

Dr John Lennox addressed over 600 people at the Bible Society-sponsored National Prayer Breakfast, at the Houses of Parliament on 25th June. Watch his address here: John Lennox National Prayer Breakfast Click here to download the video Click here to download the audio       © Ruth McGarahan for RZIM Europe, 2013. | Permalink [...] Read article

What makes Christianity different from other religions?

18 Jun 2013

Why should we believe in Christianity when there are so many other competing religions around? Isn’t it just an ethical code like many other faiths? At a question and answer session for the Veritas Forum John Lennox explains why Christianity does not compete with other faiths, because it offers believers something totally different. © for [...] Read article

Overcoming life’s challenges

11 Jun 2013

How do we overcome the many challenges that we face in life? In a talk to a women’s group at HTB in February 2013 Amy Orr-Ewing addresses this topic and confirms that although we face many different problems, we have to live in step with our creator who has already had the victory. © for [...] Read article

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